“This kind of music you cannot learn to understand – you have to feel it! And who feels it knows it!”

roots  rock  reggae

We are a band from Germany with a great passion for authentic, vintage roots reggae music with that distinct analog sound! Our first album together, “Land Of The Free”, was produced by legendary reggae bass player Fully Fullwood (Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, etc.) in his studio in southern California – and he was key in helping us to define and find our own sound! The entire record was recorded live and analog, just like back in the days. Since its release a lot happened. Unfortunately, during the writing of the upcoming album “Keep Planting Seeds“, pretty unexpectedly, our beloved bassie, friend and brother Dublex passed away and the entire project was about to fail.

But then Fully filled in for Lex, so he was not only the producer of the new album, but also played the bass on it. And so “Keep Planting Seeds” became what it is…

..for us, it is the most special record so far, also because we see it as a tribute to Dublex. Many songs are written for him and about him, and we even brought his bass guitar to California so Fully could play it on the album.

What it sounds like? Go download our EP for FREE!

It features two songs from the upcoming album – just follow this link:

Our new album “KEEP PLANTING SEEDS” is OUT NOW – available as Album CD, Limited Edition vinyl & digital download! LISTEN>>

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